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A known issue if a user attempts to login to Cognos multiple times without logging out inbeween sessions is the error message "Invalid Namespace was selected".

There are two common reasons for getting this error message:

  • Using cognos to run one or more reports, using the same window to go to another website without logging out, and then returning to the cognos portal and attempting to login again to Cognos.
  • Using cognos to run one or more reports in one browswer instance and then opening a second browser instance of the same browser (i.e. two Internet Explorer instances) and then attempting to login to Cognos a second time.

To clear this error and log back into Cognos like normal, follow these simple steps:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the UM Cognos Reports login page

  2. Click the Logout button.  This will log you out of all open sessions and then return you to the same login page.
  3. Log back into Cognos using your normal UM system username and password.