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Open a Report in Cognos

The instructions below are for how to open and run reports within Cognos.
1) Open up Internet Explorer/FireFox and go to the following URL:

2) The following screen will ask you to select the name space. Make certain that the domain option is set to 'UMKC Users'

4) You will now be brought to one of two screens. If you were brought to the Cognos welcome screen that looks like the image below, click on the Cognos Connection link to proceed. If not, skip to step 5.
NOTE: If you do not want to see this screen in the future, you can turn it off by un-checking the check box in the lower left hand corner of the screen before proceeding.

5) This is the main Cognos screen. All of the reports designed for UMKC are located in the names "* UMKC Reports". If you cannot see this folder and feel you should have access, please contact the UMKC Data Warehouse at

6) Depending on your security role, you should see a list of all UMKC reports in Cognos that you have access to (see image below for example). Click on the folder that you wish to open.

7) When you are within the package you will see a list of currently prepared reports. To run a report, just click on its name and the report will open. If you do not see a report that you know does exist, please contact the UMKC Data Warehouse (235.1435).

Some reports will ask for information from the user, such as a date range, employee type, etc. The report will automatically prompt you for the information before producing the report.