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  1. Login to Cognos at
  2. Go to the "UMKC Reports" folder.
  3. Go to the "Student Administration Reports"
  4. Click on the link "KCITY – Roster of Students". This will bring you to the prompt screen for the report.
  5. On the prompt screen, select the list of students you want (STEP 1).
  6. Click as many items you want to include in the excel report as you want. You must have at least one section selected to make the report work. (STEP 2)
  7. Click as many schools, departments or degres you want to have in the report. If you want the entire school, simply check the box next to the school. If you want just a single department, first click on the plus button next to the school name and then select the department(s) you want included. (STEP 3)
  8. Select as many or as few terms as you want the report to include. You must select at least one term to make the report work (STEP 4).
  9. Click on the "Finish" button to generate the report (STEP 5).

Select the semesters to include
Select the list Image Removed
Anchor_GoBack_GoBackSTEP 2
Select the
sections to includeSTEP 3
Select the schools, departments, or degrees to includeSTEP 5
Click Finish 

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